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Restless Night
  26th July, 2019
Far too hot. Struggled to sleep, last night.
Instead, I sat in the living room at 1:30, tapping away on my laptop.


I've got most of Pontoon Grid ported to Shoebox, now, so I'm about 99.9% sure that that's going to be the game for this week.
It's an odd decision to have two of the same game be in the archive, right next to each other, but they both play differently.

One's a pen and paper version, the other's a nice touch/mouse controlled reproduction.

Still looks a bit silly, though.
Aw well. Bound to happen.
And once I start building up the browsercade archive, there's going to be oodles of duplicates of old favourites building up in the Archive.
That is, unless I can actually come up with a few new game ideas along the way..?

Perhaps it's a good thing that I haven't posted the Petit Switch games into the archive, too...

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