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Today's Plan
  27th July, 2019
I should probably try to finish off Blockman in the Browsercade, today, but I'm slightly worried that there's a teensy bit of slowdown in the engine, so I think today's plan should probably be to track that down.


Ideally, the game should "flow" at one speed, and the graphics should catch-up when they can, but given how my code works, that probably isn't going to be something that happens!

Instead, then, I need to ensure things are moving at a nominal rate, no matter the framerate.
I'll probably look into the best ways to manage framerates, and try to optimise the engine to cope with that.
Additionally, I'll be watching for anything that causes massive amounts of slowdown.
I'm slightly worried that my recent "Draw the canvas to the canvas" addition might be slowing things down in certain instances.

So, yeah, optimising will be today's keyword.

.. Lots to do!

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