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Edging Closer
  27th July, 2019
PreRelease - Working more on Blockman than the Framework.
Close to release.

Spent an hour or two testing various enhancements to the FPS stuff, and I think I managed to find a nice middleground that seems to run fairly well.


Oddly it's slightly too slow on Firefox, but I'm not sure why.
Whilst Chrome, Safari, Edge Chromium Edition all happily run at the target 30/60fps, Firefox appears to stumble to 25/50fps instead.

It might be a 50/60hz issue, which is weird, because I really wasn't expecting to see that crop up in a browser!

Meanwhile, I've added Blocklets and Ghosties into Blockman, and the basic AI seems to more or less run as well as can be expected.
Next I need to add collisions, collecting of Blocklets, and then get the door to work properly.
After that, the game's near enough complete.
.. I think!


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