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29th July 2019
After tweeting this morning's daily Foldapuz default sheet to Twitter, I lay in bed wondering what Foldapuz game to make, next..
I started to drift off to sleep with the idea of a simple word game.

But then .. a Twitter notification..

OK then.. A maze game of sorts...
But what sort of sort..?
I rolled over, curled up, and drifted gently off to sleep, thinking about mazes..


4:30 I awoke with a jolt.

"Of course," I silently screamed, because it was 4:30 in the morning, and it would've been silly to have screamed out loud.
"I haven't done that one yet.."

The game from TV's Knightmare, where the player has to navigate across a room, with a grid on the floor laid with letters, in the order previously provided.

How best to do that in the form of Foldapuz?

Another hour later, and "Maze Club" was done.

Which is now today's Foldapuz release.

But before we get to that.. I've got a Browsercade to launch!!
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New games every week!
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