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Player Thoughts - Blockman
  29th July, 2019
As more and more games get dumped into the archive, more and more players are sending feedback.
Let's dig a random letter from the mailbox!


In 2017 ''Blockman Returns'' was released and that was the first JNK's Blockman game I played. #1 Browsercade game is a remake of ''Blockman Returns'' game.

You can Play Blockman in the Browsercade.


The first thing I noticed is that the game is very fast, responsive and vibrant.

It's still struggling on iOS. It'll run fast for a short while, then struggle for a few seconds, then jump back up to full speed again.. I really need to figure out why that's happening! Hmm..

But, yeah, even at 30fps/Battery Saver mode, it's still nice and smooth, and I'm quite happy with how it's turned out.

From gameplay perspective I noticed that we can go down or up through the small width tiles. In the original it is a one way platform. The ghosts not dis joining the collected blocklets is a good change.

I found it hard to see how many blocklets I have yet to collect without the HUd indicator. HUD indicator change only on delivering the tiny blocklets to the home.

It was literally the last thing I added to the game, and .. Yeah.
It's insanely tiny when you try it on a small phone screen!!
Yeah, I'll figure something out for that.

Overall an excellent start to the Browsercade collection.

I'm not sure how fast things will go from here on. I'd like to have a weekly release, but I'm thinking maybe a "every-other-week" method might end up being more manageable.
.. Especially if I'm also doing a Petit Switch, a Foldapuz, and a Shoebox, too!

Four games a week sounds a little crazy, even for me.

I noticed 1 or 2 times where Blockman can go through normal tiles without colliding. If I try to go through the same tile, collision works properly. So In some rare cases the collision fails sometimes.

Yeah, the 30fps mode is adding so much delta-multiplying to the movement, that the collision can occasionally be a little bit off.
I might have to look into ways of doing advanced delta timings, which will probably be something I do when working on iOS's weird FPS issue.

Let's chalk it down to being a WIP "Known Bug" for now

You can Play Blockman in the Browsercade.

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