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  30th July, 2019
I need to come up with a game for this week's Petit Switch game, and I'm running out of old games that I can quickly cobble together!!

I have one idea in mind, but can I manage it in just a couple of days?!
The quest to make hundreds of games never ends!!

Oh, but first I have to complete that boss-fight in Zelda that I left half unfinished, last night!!


Most of the Browsercade framework seems stable enough.

I've currently had to remove the automated joypad config stuff, so will need to rewrite that in a way that lets the player ignore certain controllers.
The Thrustmaster Control Stick seems to be sending erratic control information, even when left untouched, leading to a dead-end "redefine the controls" screen that can't be exited.
(This is why I had to remove the auto-popup screen!)

But other than that, and the erratic framerate, things seem fairly stable, and that's good enough for me to plough ahead with (hopefully) a few new ideas.

As for this week's Shoebox game..
I really should finish off that Quest game, huh..!?

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