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Other Ideas..
  2nd August, 2019
Oh dear.
Seems like releasing the Browsercade has kickstarted the regular avalanche of crazy ideas!


I woke up at 3:30am, with a new Sokoban style game in mind.
Seems like it could be fairly fun to play, if I get it working right.
It's less puzzle and more action oriented, so it might be interesting to see if it does indeed work.

But can I code it all within the next couple of days, ready for a Monday launch!?


In the Checkers game, the computer player is almost playing the game properly, but occasionally likes to move "The one piece that can jump, so is forced to move" into the opposite position where it doesn't then make that jump.

So, that needs fixed.

I also need to find a way to display King/whatever pieces, and add their movement to the ruleset.
I don't *think* there's anything else too big to break the game, but a number of test plays will be done before I upload it all.

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