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Note to Joseph Mallozzi
  2nd August, 2019
You recently complained about all your old photos not working when clicked on, but I've noticed that all the photos are still available, just the links are broke.

You and/or your Wordpress Crew needs to dig through the database and fix a teensy tiny issue.

It seems that when you moved from Blogger to Wordpress, Wordpress didn't correctly relocate all the links.
So, for example the following image
https://i0.wp.com/bp1.blogger.com/_bu0vVgPPyEs/RZc2JLm88ZI/AAAAAAAAAw4/hTxKmSx9SQc/s1600-h/DSC01086.JPG doesn't work.
Note the i0.wp.com bit in the URL.

If you delete the i0.wp.com bit, and leave it as
then the photo works fine. (Apparently Blogger's kept your photos all this time!!)

You'll need to scan the database and, either remove the wp.com bit, or add in the https:// bit so the wp.com doesn't get auto-added, depending on how it's stored in the database.

Good Luck!!

(I left all this as a comment on your site, but I think the comment got auto-marked-as-spam due to me including two similar looking urls!!)

Note : this doesn't work for "newer" old images. Just the Blogger ones.
Not sure where Wordpress/whatever was storing things once you moved to your own domain!

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