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Shoebox - Checkers
  3rd August, 2019
v1.034 - Added the classic game of strategy, Checkers

It's Checkers!
It's not a hard game, and AL's a bit daft (as per usual) but it's Checkers!
Jump over your opponent's pieces, diagonally, until there's nothing left but your own.

You can Play Checkers in the One on One area of the Shoebox


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What I Didn't Do

The game currently forces you to make a Jump, whenever possible.
I did consider adding an option to disable that, but it's been a very very long week of coding, and .. I just wasn't in the mood to attempt such a thing, today!
Whinge at me if you'd like to see such an option.

I *think* I got everything else in place, but if you spot anything a little odd, do let me know!

You can Play Checkers in the One on One area of the Shoebox

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