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Hexing Again
  4th August, 2019
Right then. Today I need to make a start on reconstructing Clusters of Hex again.
I'll be getting it up and running on Browsercade, so everything has to be converted over to Javascript.

It shouldn't be "too" hard, as I have practically only just done this in SmileBASIC, but I expect I'm not sure how well the resolution/ratio issues might confound the task.


If I allow the game to reach the top and bottom of a portrait screen, for example, that's going to be an awful lot of hexagons to draw, and I'm not particularly convinced that it'll cope that well!!

And in a widescreen resolution, the game will have to be confined to a ludicrously small area in the middle.

So, limits will be imposed, and things will hopefully look ok, but who knows how well this'll all come out.

Wish me luck!

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