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Browsercade - Clusters of Hex
  5th August, 2019
v0.0161 - Added Clusters of Hex, the hexagonal colour matching game that definitely isn't a Puzzle Bobble rip-off!

The clusters return, in this fun little puzzle game.

Grab a hex from the floor, and jump it up towards the giant stream of falling clusters.
The larger the cluster, the more points you'll earn.

But don't let the clusters reach the floor!

You can Play Clusters of Hex in the Browsercade, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.


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What I Didn't Do

The game's more or less feature-complete, but it only ever has Orange, Green and Blue, and no other colours than that.
Whenever I go back to play the original, I would always ignore the "Harder" levels with more colours, and instead stick to the plain 3 colour mode. It is, after all, more satisfying when you get a nice big cluster at once, and that just wasn't happening with 4 or more colours.

So, I did away with those, but do be sure to whinge if you'd prefer Purple to be added in somewhere, since .. I drew it, so it's doable!!

I don't *think* I missed out anything else important, but do let me know if it's broken anywhere!

You can Play Clusters of Hex in the Browsercade, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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