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The Week Ahead
  7th August, 2019

The Microbes game is coming along nicely for Petit Switch, and I *think* I'm making a Minigolf for Shoebox, but that all depends on how well the controls work.


Yesterday was spent making a vaguely decent course. I know it's blocky, and it'll probably remain that way.
I'm aiming to have the action zoomed in, so the blockiness won't be "too" much of an issue, but it all depends on how the game feels.

Obstacles need added, as well as the obvious ball and hole, and then figuring out the control scheme.
I'm thinking a simplistic "Pull back and release" thing might work, but how well will it work on different devices?


Given that I only just added Roland into the Browsercade engine, I think I might end up reusing him for the next game, too.

Over the course of the Browsercade collection, I'm going to have to learn to optimise my artwork, and reuse a bunch of assets, so if certain characters start popping up repeatedly, don't be surprised!

The game planned is quite different to Clusters of Hex, though, so that should be ok!

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