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9th August 2019  

The Minigolf game's quite fun to play, so far, and today I'm going to try to add a couple more obstacles.
I'm thinking a giant spinning stick that thwacks the ball if it's within the radius, and maybe adding some directional floor tiles that act a little like slopes.


I also need to decide the best way to allow for multiple courses.
At the moment the framework struggles if there's more than 3 options per game, whilst the larger "Levels" selection screen doesn't include scores.
I think I might be stuck, here, so if there's only 3 courses in the final release, that'll be why!!

Also, is a course 9 holes, or should I go all the way to 18?
18 holes feels like it might be a bit too lengthy, whilst 9 feels much more.. "Mini!"

*sigh* I dunno.

Nice game, though, and it seems to scale nicely to different devices, although I've currently only tested it with mouse controls. Touch is usually a much different thing, and hopefully in this case, I've done enough groundwork that it runs smoothly.

More info later, I guess!

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