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  14th August, 2019
I rewrote a few parts of "My Little Rescue Helicopter" over on Petit Switch. Today I need to add in the little characters to rescue, and then decide on the best mechanic for enemy aircraft.

I was never 100% happy on how the shooting controls worked, so that needs a rethink.
Otherwise, that should all be ready for a Friday release.



For this week's Shoebox, I think I'll have a try at "Skip-Bo", or as it's known in its unbranded original form, "Spite and Malice" which is an altogether more sinister name!

I'd read up on it a couple of months ago when Michael Fernie sent me his original list of games I should include, and .. honestly, it sounded awfully complex!
But I gave it a re-read last night, and other than the complicated mess of trying to fit all the elements onscreen, I don't think it should be too hard to replicate the game.

So, yeah, I'll be trying that today, too.

Plenty to work on!

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