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Change of Plan
  24th August, 2019
The plan for Shoebox, this week, was Farkle.
Briefly mentioned by Otakupunk in his last video, I took a quick look at the game and thought "Yeah, I could do that."



Farkle is about 50% complete.
You can roll the dice, and it can count up the scores, but that's about it.
What I need to do is find a definitive version of the rules, to get the scores and the actual gameplay down to a moderately decent state.

There's conflicting rules EVERYWHERE online.
I've already implemented "Add, Multiply, Preset" scores for 4,5,6 of a kind, and am now at the point where I need to decide if the split rolls count towards a full score or only the half you just rolled.
I need to be certain of when a turn should end, and what you need to do in order to fail a roll.

Honestly, the whole game's history is as convoluted and chaotic as can be.

I sat, reading through another 3 or 4 websites with "The proper rules", all of which conflicted with each other, and suddenly realised there was absolutely no hope of getting the game finished for today.

So.. What to do!?

.. Write a completely different game from scratch, within just a few hours, of course!

Triplets is now available in the Shoebox's Word Games, and I'll be posting the proper set of posts and vids and things, in a short while.


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