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Busy Night
  26th August, 2019
Last night..

Finished off this week's Browsercade game (Spiky Tower is available on the site, proper release posts coming soon)

Started this week's Petit Switch game (Petit Clampett can run around, but the level generator needs a ton of work)

And then..


I sat for about an hour trying my best to come up with an idea for this week's Foldapuz, but I'm honestly struggling at this point.
There's already more than a little repetition in the games, so I think I need to start thinking far beyond the normal reach of Pen and Paper puzzles, I think.

If you've any suggestions, let them be known.

Today I think I'll have a hunt for groups of words.. Fruit, Veg, Places, etc. Like I have for the Hangman game, but shorter, and easier to combine into a "Proper" Word Search.
'cos that's honestly the only thing I can think of, right now!!

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