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Today's Plan...
  28th August, 2019
A busy day is planned for today.
I'm going to try to finish off as much of this week's Shoebox and Petit Switch games as I can, leaving me with tomorrow free to do Newsletter and ALChoon duties, and then a gap on Friday..


Friday, apparently, FUZE Basic is launching on Switch.
I will, of course, be grabbing a copy and giving it a whirl.
I'm hoping to get a SpikeDislike up and running as easily as possible, and will be writing up some kind of comparison between that and Petit Basic.

I WON'T, however, be doing weekly releases in Fuze.
It's FAR too much work to attempt to do a fifth game each week.

Or at least, that's my current plan.
Goodness knows whether I stick to that!!

As for today's stuff.
I need to build a decent level generator for Petit Clampett, and then get the game logic for Pyramid Solitaire to work in Shoebox.
That's the two planned games, and that's probably more than enough work for one day!

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