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Busy Thursday
  29th August, 2019
Petit Clampett's level generator seems to be working fairly well, but the game has the same "Too much vertical movement" issue as Micro Clampett did.
I'm going to have to try figuring that out, today, without resorting to zooming the camera out.



Shoebox's Pyramid Solitaire seems mostly complete, but I've yet to beat it, so haven't worked out if that works or not!
More playtesting required. ... Yeay!

Today will be mostly SoCoder focused. I need to write quite a hefty chunk of the newsletter, this week, as I've been working too much on all the bazillion games I'm currently making.
So, that, and an ALChoon, and then with the Petit coding, I think that's most of the day gone!


Busy busy Thursdays..

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