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Fuze - Thoughts and Complaints
  30th August, 2019
Mostly complaints..

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Fuze "tries" to be two things at once.
Both a classic BASIC, and a more modern "Not BASIC", and when those two things clash, you either get a great language like BlitzMax, or you get ..

Well, Fuze..


BASIC or not?

There are times when Fuze tries to be BASIC. Pixels drawn on an 8x8 sprite need to be drawn in a grid of 1 to 8 across and 1 to 8 down.
Which is a very retro BASIC thing.

There are times when Fuze wants to be a modern language. For NotNext Loops follow the "up to but not including" methodology of languages that work differently to BASIC.
eg, in BASIC : For n=1 to 8 : will count 1 through 8.
in C++/Javascript/PHP/et all, you'd need to write for (n=1;n<9;n++)
It counts up to, but not including the last number.

FUZE requires you to do n=1 to 9, which is all kinds of messed up, because it's trying to be BOTH Basic and C/etc at the same time.
It's a crazy broken mix between 0-based numbering and 1-based numbering, and the two are often at odds with each other, with the language uncertain which it wants to use.

Interface Delays

The interface is also extremely frustrating, with a "nice" swooping swooshing GUI that ultimately ends up slowing everything down.
When I need to "glance" at a command in the help file, I can tap F1 to bring it up, then Escape to close it.. Except it takes about half a second to Swoop the interface in, and then another half a second to Swoop it away.
It's not a long time, but if you're "glancing" at a bunch of commands for quick tips, it soon adds up to a frustrating experience..

To add further injury, my bluetooth keyboard's shift-status seems inverted..
Holding shift produces lowercase letters. Not holding shift produces uppercase letters. .. But the number/symbol keys are behaving normally, so.. There's DEFINITELY a bug in there.
Turning capslock on only forces everything to be capitals. So, no help there!


All in all, I found the experience a frustrating one.
The language is indeed more powerful than PetitCom4. It allows you do 3D things, and has a vast library of images and sounds to play with.
But ultimately, I'd rather stick to PetitCom4. It's smaller, it's neater, and it just basically works better.

In my opinion!

Rating : 6/10

If you can't get access to PetitCom4 (currently Japanese only, unless you faff about with alt-accounts) then ... I guess it's alright..
But Petit's the definite winner, in my books.

I've written a lengthy whinge over at Socoder, if you want to read more gripes!

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