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Relaxing Day...
  2nd September, 2019
Yesterday was such a busy day that I got the entire Browsercade game started, finished and uploaded, all within the space of about 7 or 8 hours.


Today would be another frantic rush to get a Foldapuz game done.
.. Except it isn't, because alarmingly, I also did that yesterday!
Late at night, about a quarter past eleven, my mind suddenly went "Bingo!!" as a fully fleshed maths puzzle popped into my head.

Grabbing the laptop, and wrangling with numbers, I finished and uploaded "Bingo Maths" to the server.
You can play that now, via the menus over at Foldapuz.com.
It'll be part of tonight's default sheet, and I'll post all the site-stuff tomorrow.

So, with both Browsercade and Foldapuz complete, for the week, I now need only worry about PetitSwitch and Shoebox.
But not yet.
I'm going to try to relax for the next few hours.
Put my feet up, and have a well earned rest.

It really has been a none-stop sort of week!

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