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With apologies if I broke it!
  2nd September, 2019
v1.046 - Changing the game javascript methodology.
Today I did something that might very well break the Shoebox.

I've changed from having individual .js files for each game, to having a combined comb.js file that holds all of the games.

Hopefully, if your game breaks, a simple refresh of the page should reload the cache, and bump everything back to the way that it should be.

If it gets completely stuck, let me know, as well as what device/browser you're using, and I'll do my best to fix it.


Forcing a iOS "HomeScreen App" Cache Refresh
(Just in case it gets stuck!)

1. Open the App
2. Hold the Power button for about 5 seconds, until the "Power Off" display shows up. Do not power off!
3. Instead, hold the Home button for about 5 seconds, until the app suddenly closes and takes you back to the home screen.
4. Restart the app.


Why the Change?

Initially, the plan was to have each game download as you click them, and that kinda worked at the start, but then I added the cache.
Now, whenever a new visitor visits the site (or when an update occurs), the cache would instantly grab all the scripts for all the games.

There's currently about 40-odd scripts, so a single visit to ShoeboxOfGames.com would then sit there and, one by one, download each and every little .js file.
As good as the server is at coping with that, it's starting to get a little bit daft having 40 x ~15kb files downloaded, all at once.

Instead, why not just combine everything into a single 600kb file?

Since the script no longer goes easy, only downloading what is needed, and instead downloading the whole lot.. .. I might as well just set the site up to do that.

A combiner has been written, and I'll be able to automate the task.
The individual files will still exist, for ease of editing, but now the combiner will bundle them together and .. hopefully.. things will run a little smoother in future.

I also intend to do this with Browsercade, but figured I'd better wait for a few days, in case anything horrific ends up happening!!

Again, let me know if anything breaks.

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