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Need a Petit Game..
  3rd September, 2019
It's all well and good ploughing ahead with a Shoebox game for the week, but I can't leave out Petit Switch!
So, what will the Petit game be?!


I'm slightly tempted to try to make a JNKPlat Slots game, but more in line with "Platdude in a Bit of a Spin"

I do love the gameplay style of slot-machines, but I've also tried to shy away from anything too "Gambling" in nature, over the past number of years.
Arcade Slots and it's many offshoots seem to be fair game, since they're more Arcade than Slots, but at the same time, I'm currently working on a huge collection of card games, which can very easily stray into Gambling territory.

A very hard thing to find the right balance for.

So.. Yeah, I might do that, then

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