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7th September 2019
v1.047 - Added the strategy game "Isolation", and also added the QWERTY keyboard to Hangman and Triplets.

A strategic game of destruction!
Move your piece to any adjacent tile.
Next, REMOVE one of the tiles surrounding your opponent's piece.
Players take it in turns until either player is stuck in a position where they can no longer move.

You can Play Isolation in the Shoebox in the One On One section.


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What I Didn't Do

I've added a option in the Rules, where you can choose whether your "destruction" moves are either adjacent to your opponent, or anywhere on the board.

I've NOT added an option to make your move your piece, AFTER your destruction move, but I don't think that makes any real difference to gameplay.
If you're a fan of Isolation (tee hee) please let me know if that rule does indeed change the way your strategy works.

You can Play Isolation in the One on One area of the Shoebox.
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