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Late Night Fuze
  9th September, 2019
Eagle Eyed viewers might've noticed that the Youtube trailer for Hillside Conquest went up about 5:30 this morning.
The game is uploaded to Browsercade, and I'll be posting the posts in a jiffy.


Last night I spent a few hours with Fuze again, and ranted and raved on Twitter about all the little annoying bugs I encountered..
Like when I spent about 10 minutes adding a bunch of default functions (SetCol, SetAlpha, SetSize, ResetDraw, etc) and then lost it all because of the god-awful user interface.

I tried my best to power through, though, and got roughly 2/5ths of a Framework up and running.
This is going a LOT slower than it was with PetitSwitch, and a whole lot of that is down to the Interface.
If things flowed better, and didn't constantly irritate the bejesus out of me, I'm sure I'd've coded a wonderful framework, by now, and have been well on my way to adding it to the AGameAWeek regime.

But not yet.

The devs have promised that "A LOT" of the bugs I've been whinging about have indeed been fixed, and they're awaiting a Nintendo release of the update.

We'll see..

There's still hope..

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