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Hmm.. What to Do..?
  10th September, 2019
I've a "thing" working in Petit Switch.
It's a nice swirly thing that I thought was going to end up like Gravity Bombs, but Petit Switch seems to be struggling at rendering 2000 lines, at various widths and alpha transparency, with physics and gravity involved in those lines, in order to make a pretty picture!!


Last night I attempted to get a feedback thing going on, but that didn't seem to be working all that well.
Today I'll probably try another version, involving grabbing the screen, copying it to a giant sprite, then re-rendering that back on the next frame.
I REALLY doubt that'll work, though!!
But, hey, you never know!


Over on Fuze4Switch, I'm finding potholes all over the sodding place, but am struggling on in an effort to get a vague reproduction of my general Framework working on the thing.

The keyboard issues persist, the file-save routine doesn't let you name files, and .. There's no "Uppercase(str)"... ... Seriously?!

I'm battling on, though, and I'm about halfway there.
Yesterday I started to think about making a Sprite Editor, only to realise that without proper files, and no way to copy data to the clipboard, the only actual way to do it would be..
To include the sprite editor inside the framework.!?!

Ugh.. This framework's going to be a right mess..

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