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13th September 2019
I took most of the day off, yesterday.
Writing 4 games a week is harder than it sounds!!!


The work I did manage to do yesterday, was Pool related.
I got the pockets realigned to allow the balls to actually fit between the bumpers properly. Hurray!
(Cushions, Jay.. They're cushions.. Stop calling them Bumpers)

Now I need to tweak the code so that "levitating ball" issue doesn't occur. That shouldn't take too long, but .. It has to be "Just Right!"

On top of that, I added some nice snooker ball sounds, (pinched from my last, annoyingly abandoned, attempt at making pool back in 2016) but unfortunately, they're all coming out at the same volume.
I never did get volume control working well in Shoebox, so subtle taps between balls are making the same volume "CLACK" as when you hit them at high speed.
This will need some tweaks to the engine, but .. I'm not entirely sure how well I can get that to work.

The next "big challenge" will be adding in all the different rule sets and also getting AL to play along, too.
Might not be easy, and if I'm aiming for a Saturday release, it might not be do-able in the space of a single day!!!
Silly me, taking a day off.

Bah, humbug..
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