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14th September 2019
The game is still on schedule.
... Just not the same schedule it was on, yesterday!


Yesterday I started getting annoyed by this little issue, and couldn't quite work out an elegant way to fix it.
As such, I opted to put down the pool, and instead work on a quick word game to pad out the release list, leaving Pool behind for another week.

Hopefully it'll be worth it, in the end.

Additionally, I found myself playing with the Browsercade engine, trying to come up with a nice fullscreen blur effect, so that I could attempt a version of Interplanetary Paintshop on there.
Unfortunately, trying to do a fullscreen blur doesn't appear to be all that doable. Or at least, I haven't found a nice way to do it fast enough that it runs at a smooth framerate.

I'll probably end up just leaving things as lines instead, then.
I can at least make the lines thick/thin in Javascript. Something I couldn't achieve in PetitSwitch, without adding even more line drawings and starting to slow the engine down.

Quite a balancing act, making pretty swirly things!
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