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14th September 2019  
In reply to my earlier thoughts on "blurred" backgrounds, Alan suggests..
Probably requires opengl wizardry. I need to study up on this a bit myself.

And he's probably right..


I haven't yet switched on "WebGL".

It's relatively easy to do, but my thinking (and I might be wrong here!) is that "Basic" Canvas draw calls should be being done by the browser and the CPU, whereas if I request WebGL, it'll automatically activate hardware acceleration, and that would likely drain your battery a little bit quicker.

Whether doing things in software ultimately requires a bit more power, I'm not sure, but for now I'm trying my best not to overdo things.
I'm at the point where I can usually cause more slowdown if I code too many array lookups, as opposed to getting slowdown due to graphics faults.
Having said that, it would certainly be nice to have the additional power that WebGL would give, but ..

I'd need to create the same thing in both WebGL and Basic Canvas, then leave them running on the same setup for a few hours, and see which drains the battery quicker.

I'm fairly sure it'd be the WebGL edition, though.

Investigation required, methinks.

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