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Watching Stars
16th September 2019  
The reproduction of Interplanetary Paintbox/Paintshop (!) is almost done, but the stars aren't quite right, yet.


I need to rewrite part of my starfield to account for "pushed" stars, with extra momentum.
Shouldn't take too long, but this game definitely deserves the prettiness of physics based stars!!

Incidentally, I'm going to have to give the game yet another name, as the word "Interplanetary" doesn't actually sit on the Browsercade's layout.

The Paintbox/Paintshop confusion is also alarmingly frequent, so I'll probably come up with a completely different title, just to try and stabilise it a little, and be less confusing to myself.

Or perhaps that'll make things even worse. Who knows.

Game should be good to go in about an hour or two.

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