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SmileBASIC 4 - SpikeDislike Update Blog
17th September 2019
SpikeDislike was my "Test if I can.." game for PetitCom4, and as good as it was, I felt it wasn't 100% what it could've been.

If you've a Switch, and have downloaded SmileBASIC, you can grab a copy of the game using the Public Key...


Today I gave it a slight makeover.




The screen resolution fits the screen a little more snuggly. Previously I used PetitCom's native 400x240 resolution, but I later realised that if 720 is divided by 3 to make 240, then 1280/3 is actually 426, not 400..
Those extra pixels might be important, so now they're added to the game.
(For those wondering why, 400x240 is actually the 3DS's top screen resolution.)

Larger Font

I've increased the ingame font, but also removed the "000000xxx" score display to just be "xxx".. All those 0's looked silly when larger!

Fixed the Combo Counter

It's now nice and centred like it should be, instead of being shoved off into the corner like it previously was.
The "SUPER" now shows up as those "-=* *=-" marks around the ticker, which I think works quite well.

The Faded Ball Echo

I honestly can't believe I left that out, in the previous edition!
But I was worried about drawing too much at once.
I've definitely learned more of the language's abilities, since then, however.

Graphical Tweaks

The floor is no longer one single repeating tile.
It's now 8 repeating tiles, instead!
Additionally, the ball has been given a makeover to be more like how it should be.

Not the Physics

Although the game should is still the same, the horizontal gap between spikes has been increased, and the ball's speed increased by the exact same ratio.
This means that the game feels like it's moving at a much faster rate, when in fact you should have exactly the same timings as you move.
There's a little tiny change in the collision, since the ball now has a slightly wider gap between frames, but otherwise the timings should be about the same.

And.. I think that's it..!?!

The game is now available using the same download key as before, (424JQK3NJ) or you can use the Update option in the menu, if it's already on your Switch.

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