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21st September 2019
v1.052 - Added the game "Pigs", a multiplayer Dice Rolling challenge![/highlight]

A simple dice rolling challenge.
Roll the dice, and then decide if you want to roll again, totting up the scores into the Kitty as you go.
If at any moment you wish to "Bank" what you've earned, play will move to the next player
If you roll a One, you lose everything in the kitty.

It's a simple risk/reward game, but I really enjoyed the game, especially in Party Mode against 3 AL players.

You can Play Pig in the Shoebox under the Group games.


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What I Didn't Do

I didn't draw AL anywhere. Oops!
Wasn't really sure where he might fit into the rather cramped screen.

Random Thought

I followed the rules, so stuck to a One as the "Lose" dice.
If I were doing it from scratch, though, I would've made the Lose dice be a Two.. That way, the icon would've looked a bit more like a Pig's Snout!!
Bah, humbug!!

You can Play Pig in the Group games of the Shoebox.
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