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28th September 2019
v1.054 - Added the card game Shamrock Solitaire

Gather up the card into the Foundation spaces, in the usual Ace to King manner.
The challenge here is that each of the "table" piles can only hold 3 cards.
Move them around to reach the required cards for the Foundations, by shifting the topmost card onto an allowable space.
Cards can be placed atop another card either one value above or below, of any suit.

You can Play Shamrock Solitaire in the Card Games section of the Shoebox, in your Browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.


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What I Didn't Do

I didn't leave any gameplay out, but I think I could probably have added a bit more gameplay tips as you play.. Maybe Alpha'ing out the cards that you can't play, or something like that... Not sure..

But the game works, and it's quite fun.
As hard as it is (I've managed to win 1/14 so far) it is at least doable, as long as you plan ahead.
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