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Over and Done With
  30th September, 2019
I'm not happy with this week's Browsercade game.
It hasn't turned out how I'd have liked it to, but it's playable enough, and .. That'll have to do.


So many possibilities, but also a lot of dead ends.
Could I have added enemies? Not without blocking paths.
Could I have added doors and keys? Not without some advanced pathfinding in the generator.
Could I have added a "troop" instead of a single playable character? Not without making the flame-bars really hard to get past.

Should I have added all of the above?

.. Yeah, probably.
But it all comes down to the generator, and without a lot of fore-planning it's not something I've managed to do well at all.

A game for a future iteration, I think.

I'll go and post the game.

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