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2nd October 2019
I couldn't concentrate on the Pool game, today.
I tried my hardest, but my mind was a-wandering..
Instead, then, I ended up making this.


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You might've noticed my thoughts being in the Kee-Bo-Ard department over the past couple of days, so I guess it was all but inevitable that I ended up making a game with the same general idea. .. But a bit more Shoebox'y.

It has the usual ton of levels, for either one, two or three counters, and the game seems nice and puzzle'y, fitting neatly alongside the other puzzle/level-based games in the Misc section.

I'll probably be tweaking the level generator a bit, over the next day or two, but it's more or less functional, so expect the game to be uploaded on our usual Shoebox Saturday!

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Shoebox , Puzzle
New games every week!
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