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Xmas is Xanxelled
  5th October, 2019
I've spent about 2 or 3 hours this morning, formulating a plan for an Advent Calendar of games, at which point I realised just how much time I'd wasted, and also how complicated the whole thing would end up being.


Over the time allocated, (the next 7 or 8 weeks) I'd need to ...

A. Code 24 little minigames
B. Find somewhere within Browsercade's menu system that can hold them.
C. Upload them by about mid-November, with some kind of secret unlock method, so that Otakupunk can play through them all and record videos and stuff in time for his own Advent calendar.
D. .. But keep them locked away until the correct day.

I've overcomplicated the whole thing in my mind, and I can't think of a neat way to do it all.
It would've been nice, but I honestly think I left it a little bit too late, this year.

So, No Advent Calendar, I'm afraid.

I might yet do the 12 days of Xmas, though, but we'll have to play that by ear.

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