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  6th October, 2019
Didn't get an awful lot done to the game, yesterday. I spent hours fiddling with the background methodology, and testing out various elements, testing for all manner of future games.


The new Pixelart Backgrounds can endlessly scroll horizontally, but not vertically, so I'm thinking I might end up having to draw a second Background set, just in case I ever need to add vertical scrolling to any of the games.

I also haven't added much variety other than grabbing old Platdude Pixelart backgrounds, and using those. So they're mostly all the "Floor/Sky" variety, with nothing like starfields, nebulae and such.
I should probably rejig all the backgrounds so that the floors are at the same horizontal level, but .. For now it is at least kinda working.

To be honest, it might be a better idea to just redo a whole bunch of new backgrounds from scratch, but we'll see how it goes.

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