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  8th October, 2019
Started work on a quick Pogo The Fridge remake on Petit Switch, last night.

Twitter Clip

Would there be any interest in me doing a version for Browsercade, too?
I'm kinda tempted to, but it'd mean having two Pogo The Fridge's on the top bar, and I'm trying to avoid doing that.


Lots of planning required for this one, as the screen's a fair bit smaller.

I mean, I could make the screen resolution bigger.. PetitSwitch can handle lots of resolutions. My framework easily switches between 426x240 and 1280x720, but I can go for anything inbetween without issue.

But then everything's tiny in handheld mode, and Pogo feels like he deserves to be nice and chunky!

So, I need to rethink how the game works.
I'm actually thinking something more Bubble Bobble esque, with you hopping around squishing ALL the fruit, in order to move on to the next level.

But, again, might be a bit cramped in the low res.

I'll have to have a good play and see what works best.

More to come!

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