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The Fridge is Alright!
9th October 2019  
Pogo the Fridge on Switch has ended up being quite a lot more playable than the original game.
Switching to an screen-based style of gameplay, instead of the scrolling of the original, and with the addition of an actual goal (Squish all the fruit!) the game's really a lot better than the original.

.. I think!!

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The issue with a Browsercade edition is that the Browsercade games have to fit into multiple screen resolutions and ratios.
As such, a specific screen's worth of gameplay really wouldn't work too well at all.

Scrolling has proved the best way for games to work in those kinds of scenarios, so I'm thinking of making the game create levels of a specific size, and then scrolling around that, but as big and chunky and "filling the screen" as I can get it.

It's not ideal, but it should work.
.. I think!!

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