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Scrolling Like Mad
13th October 2019  

The Pogo game for Browsercade has mostly ended up exactly the same as the Petit Switch edition.
I was aiming to add a few more features, but.. .. Haven't!


Instead, I spent most of yesterday working on the background style.
Taking the basic idea of the previous "giant pixelart, drawn to the extra buffer" style, and amplifying it to .. "two layers of giant pixelart, drawn to TWO extra buffers!"

The result, a lovely, but simplistic, parallax background.
This, of course, only works horizontally, so I'll need to draw a bunch of vertical parallax backgrounds, too.
.. And, in fact, a ton of horizontal ones as well, since there's only 6 such backgrounds currently available.

Plenty of art skills required, to get all of those drawn.
Hopefully it won't take too long!

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