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18th October 2019
Took AGES getting even simple movement working yesterday.


All manner of little bugs, like Array Out-Of-Bounds, and other such things that I usually take care to avoid, but ..
Chess.. Needs an awful lot of look-ahead stuff, and my oldskool coding methods aren't quite managing to keep up with it all!!

The game is currently playable in two player mode, but AL's AI isn't remotely started.

Well, I say that..
AL knows how all the pieces move, and I've set up "This move" scoring for all possible movements.

Look-ahead is the harder part. I need to not only know what happens when a piece moves, but what might happen after that piece has moved.

I could, of course, look up a ton of online Chess Programming Tutorials, but I'm trying my best to do this alone. One of the points of making all these Shoebox AI's is that I'm slowly learning new techniques and ways to do AI players.
If I Copy+Paste, where's the learning!?

I might look up a couple of advanced methods, but I certainly won't be copying my way to the goal.

Right.. Back to it!!
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