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19th October 2019
v1.06 - Added the Solitaire game Baker's Dozen[/highlight]

A simple enough solitaire game.
13 piles are placed onto the table, with any Kings being pushed to the bottom of the pile.

You can shuffle the cards around the table, one at a time, placing a card onto a card one-higher, as long as it is NOT of the same suit.
eg, you can place a Nine of Diamonds on top of a Ten of Hearts, Clubs or Spades, but NOT onto a Ten of Diamonds.

The four foundation piles work as standard, and must be increased from Ace to King in the same suit.

Your task, as always, is to fill all four foundation piles.

You can Play Baker's Dozen Solitaire in the Shoebox where you'll find it in the Card Games collection.


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What I Didn't Do

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