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Shoebox.. Ready!
26th October 2019  
"Jimper" is available in the Misc section of Shoebox. I'll be posting it to the site in a short while.

Once that's done, along my usual flood of #ScreenshotSaturday tweets, it's time to get thinking about the next Browsercade game.



Over the past few months I've been seriously considering upgrading to a Macbook.
Nowadays I don't specifically need a Windows device, since all my coding is server/browser based, and doesn't need compiled.

There are two major advantages to switching to a MacBook.
First is battery life and general lightness compared to the fairly bulky yet inexplicably lacklustre HP Laptop that I currently have.
The battery usually reaches about 75% by the time I've posted my morning's blog and pixelart, and that's before any coding. .. And there's a lot of coding!!

But second is the fact that Mac Video editing is infinitely better than Windows Video editing.
WAAAAY better!

For the past few months, I've been screen-capturing in Windows, but transferring files over to the MacMini, then Remote-Desktop'ing to the MacMini from the Windows Laptop, then silently editing the videos without any audio feedback whatsoever!!!
It'd be nice if I could have the video editor be .. There.. instead of remotely accessed from another room of the house.

So, that was the plan.
Save up, and splash out!

Until last night, when someone on Twitter mentioned a great video editor for iPad.
I hadn't considered iPad-based video editing before.
I'd tried iMovie on there, and it was limited like crazy.
But .. well, it kinda made sense.
I DO already do all my spriting, daily pixelarts, my music and most of the weekly Socoder Newsletter on the iPad.
And .. it IS more Mac than Windows.

So, I splashed out the £25.99 on the app "LumaFusion", and ... It's not bad!!

It's not a powerhouse.
I won't be making super-awesome creative videos with it, any time soon.
But it happily strings together videos, does layering REALLY easily, lets me add keyframes and animate things, allows multiple audio tracks, and handles popup text elements really well.
With recent iOS13 additions, it can access all the on-iPad files, and even lets me access my Network Drive so I can easily transfer to and from the Windows laptop.

The only thing that's "really" missing is scrolling text.
Scrolling text is workable by making a large titlecard then scrolling it, but it doesn't seem to handle things very well when they're really long!

So, yeah, that was what I was doing last night. Playing around, and learning the do's and don't's of a new video editor.

It's a nice little editor, and it lets me make videos with audio feedback, in realtime!
Luvly stuff!

You can Buy LumaFusion for iPad on the AppStore. It's a bit pricey, but it's a ton cheaper than buying a MacBook!!

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