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26th October 2019
v1.07 - Added the puzzle game Jimper

Place all 40 cards (Ace to 10, all four suits) within the grid.
Create "Jimps", matches between adjacent cards, to score points. Multiple Jimps score bonus points, and you can rack up combos by placing more multiples after each other.

You can Play Jimper in the Shoebox, under Misc.

I was tempted to add it to the Card Games section, but felt it was more Puzzle than Card, so it went into the Misc like Cardagain is..
Feel free to argue if you think that's wrong!!


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What I Didn't Do

The game came out reasonably well, I think, and I'm now finding myself wondering whether this game might be doable in a two-player scenario.

That might need a reworking of a few things, though. I'm thinking maybe having a hand of cards to play, instead of just the one.
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