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Petit Complete!
  29th October, 2019
I went golfing, last night!


The plan, yesterday, was to get the Foldapuz game done, then shift gears to working on Super Secret Side Project for a while.
Instead, however, the Laptop battery went "HEY!!" after the time spent doing Foldapuz, so I set it down to charge, and instead picked up the Switch.

I figured an hour or so of Petit coding, whilst the laptop charged, then I could get back to it..
After a good solid 5 or 6 hours of coding, I had a pretty faithful reproduction of Platdude in Swamp Golf running on the Switch.

A few more tweaks are left, like adding the timer, and getting the scoring working well, but otherwise the game's more or less finished.

That'll sit, unplayed until the usual Petit Friday, and today I'll switch back to the Super Secret Side Project, where I'm currently at the point of splitting the file into chunks, and hoping I can put it back together again without breaking it!

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