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Jabbing Time
  31st October, 2019
A few weeks ago, I was supposed to go for my Flu Jab, but that didn't happen. (I had a rather bad day, health wise, and couldn't make it.)
Today, we do it all again!

It's stabbing time, on Halloween!!!


Yesterday's Doings

Started "WestWords" for Shoebox, and got that mostly functional.
Scoring and the like are still to be done, as is adding sound effects, but otherwise it should be good to go on Saturday.

The SoCoder newsletter was finished off, and will be posted shortly. Linkage

This week's ALChoon was hastily cobbled together. I've no more "In advance" choon in the vault, so I think a day or two of musical sessions is likely in order.

Today's Plan...

Hand out sweets to children
Get stabbed
Eat the remaining sweets

A busy day ahead!!

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