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  5th November, 2019
I woke the MacMini up at around about 8pm.
By 11:30 it was finally ready to start using.
Update after update after update after update..
And even then I had to uninstall XCode and reinstall it (with a huge download to boot) in order to get it actually working.



Things that are currently "wrong" with SpikeDislike2 on iOS.

1. It's doing that weird thing, where tapping the icon on the dock refuses to bring it back into play.
I spotted YouTube doing that a few weeks ago, and it irritated me, no end, so it'd be hypocritical of me to release a game with the exact same error.
.. Not sure how to fix it, though.

2. The ingame screen resolution is stating 2048x1536, but my iPad Air "should" be running at 2224x1668

These two things are further confounded by the fact that Sheep Goes Right, as it currently is in the AppStore, is happily multitasking to and from the dock, and is correctly stating a screen resolution of 2224x1668

What's up with that!?!

No idea.

Additionally, my GameCenter doesn't seem to be working AT ALL..
If I head into settings and tap GameCenter, the settings "app" seems to hang up, and I need to force close it.


So, yeah, that was a great night of testing..

With any luck, I'll possibly have SpikeDislike2 back in the app store "soon", but no guarantees.

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