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  9th November, 2019
Another smegging trip to the Doctor's yesterday.


Apparently I now have Diabetes, too, so he threw yet another pill on the pile, and sent me home again.

I don't mind looking after myself, and I do enjoy getting out and about every once in a while, even if it is down to the docs.
But 3 times in the space of a week?

And each trip leaves me full of nausea, and needing to sit and rest and stop and do nothing, for about half a day.

The disruption to this week's AGameAWeek has been insane, and as I sat awake at 5am desperately trying to get this week's Shoebox game finished, I realised I probably should've just given up the ghost, this week, instead.

The game's.. OK..
It's not the best.
I'll post it in a bit.
I need a rest.

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