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Shoebox Fail..
  16th November, 2019
I haven't "NOT" done this week's Shoebox game.
It's about 60% done.


Last night, as I had to do more GUI based stuff, my head went "NO MORE!!" and decided to close the laptop and have a rest.
It must've really really needed it, because I didn't wake up until TWELVE hours later!!

All the coding is catching up, but if I'm honest, it's probably also down to my irregular sleep schedule for the past couple of weeks.
All the early morning trips to the docs and back have really taken their toll on my usual late-night sleep schedule, and it's all suddenly crept up on me, all in one go.

So, we'll call this week's Shoebox a fail, and return to it next week.
In the meantime, I should probably make a start on a Browsercade release for Monday.

Keep going, Jay!

Oh, and in case you're worried that I might've just wasted all the time I had on playing Pokemon.. I didn't even start playing it until about 2pm, yesterday, and even then only spent about an hour playing it.

It hasn't yet pulled me in, as it's all kinda samey and very very traditional pokemon'y, albeit with the ability to ignore all the usual "Do you know how to capture a pokemon? I'll now spend the next 10 minutes telling you!" tutorial garbage.

It occasionally asks you if you need guidance, but then it actually LISTENS when you tell it to shut up!
Good stuff!

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