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Army Incoming
  17th November, 2019

Today I need to figure out how I'm going to do the controls for Army of Flags in the Browsercade.


My current thoughts are to have the characters aim in roughly the direction they're moving in, but also add a little auto-aiming to make things a bit easier.
Whether that actually works out well, or ends up overpowering the player, I'm not sure.

If it DOES end up making things a little too easy, then I'm going to have to come up with extra features to help balance things out a little better.

Also, the enemy AI needs looking into.
Maybe make them a little smarter, this time around.

The enemy will be pre-spawned, as that seemed to work better on the Petit edition of the game, as opposed to having tons of little spawning-huts all over the level.

Hmm.. Ideas galore, but what'll end up in there.... Who knows!!

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