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Busy Day!
  19th November, 2019
In the past 24 hours, I've..
1. Finished off the Army of Flags game.
2. Wrote this week's Foldapuz game.
3. Wrote about 95% of this week's Petit Switch game.

A good day!


I've decided to forego my decision to give up, and instead am ploughing ahead with wild abandon.
To hell with the fact that my Doctor's trying to kill me with all these sugar pills. I'm still sitting here with a keyboard, so I might as well use it.

Right. Next on the list.
Today will be a day spent playing with Super Secret Side Project.
Last I touched it (probably about 2 weeks, now.. ugh) I managed to get the saving to work without corrupting the end result.
Today I'll spend a bit of time seeing if I can get the editing method to work well enough.

The element when in memory is stored in a vastly different style than the exported version. This is what will (hopefully) make the Super Secret Side Project work a little "better" than standard variations... Or at least, for the purposes that I'd like it to.

The style of editor will be more or less 90 degrees rotated from what a normal version of this tool is, and I'm hoping that this distinction will make everything a little more functional when trying to use a touchscreen/mouse, as opposed to the keyboard methodology of the standard version.
Of course, the original method is there for good reason. It's decades of standardisation, and I'm about to break the whole bloomin' lot.
But if I want this editor to be workable on an iPad, then it needs to be redone in a drastically different way.
The old style just is NOT suitable for touchscreen/mouse interaction.

This is the make-or-break point.

Can I actually make enough of a GUI to make this all work out?


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